Has anybody ever bought/used a powercolor graphics card? I'm looking specifically at this model


I tried looking for some reviews, but basically only turned up their reference model, and I'm curious as to whether this is a better option than a MSI 7950 Twin Frozr III boost edition, because I know the MSI supports overvoltage but can't find that information on the powercolor 7970. Also, will MSI afterburner work overclocking non MSI GPUs?

Thanks guys.

The fact that you cannot find any reviews on a product probably means it is not any good or at least nobody wants to endorse it. I have a msi gtx 660ti power edition that runs great, i have never had a problem with it. In my experience msi afterburner will overclock non msi cards. 

I have found a couple of reviews, just not on the model I'm looking at, and nothing on whether or not it supports overvoltage (so I sort of assume it doesn't). I'm also really just wondering whether it will be better than the higher end 7950, as it is only $30 more at the moment.