Powercolor PCS+ R9 390 recommended psu wattage

My current psu is a Corsair VS650, 650watts. Im planning to upgrade to a Powercolor PCS+ r9 390. It says on their website the minimum wattafe for this card is 750watts. Some websites like overclockers.net show that an OCed powercolor 390 at load took around 400 watts. Also on outervision.com psu wattage calculator, i did my full build, and the recommnded psu wattage was 580.

Im a little confused, any thoughts? Any response is greatly appreciated.

You'll be fine with that psu mate.

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depends on the rest of your system specs?

from his profile: I5 4570, HD 7750, 8gb Hyperx Blu ram, Asus B-85m

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Ah yeah then he will be totaly fine.

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Thanks for the reply everyone, i appreciate it. Also now you guys know my gpu lol, this is why I am upgrading.

Plus the PCS+ is the cheapest 390 with good cooling in my area.

750 or higher