PowerColor HD 7990 Question (Curious)

Hello All,


So I have another set of those questions out curiosity sake, and these are dealing with the PowerColor HD 7990.

1)        Can you crossfire two of these?

2)        If they are crossfireable has it been done (are there any links or charts on performance)?

3)        What size of PSU would you need if you crossfired (let’s say the CPU is an FX-8350)?

This is the card that I am curious about: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814131483&IsVirtualParent=1


1 - Yes of course you can.

2 - I don't believe so, however, I believe it would perform a little worse than quad SLI 7970's.

3 - Atleast 1050w

Yes they are crossfire-able, the performance will be around the 7970 in quar crossfire.

And it recommends a 850W min power supply for one card. So I'd say in the region of 1100-1200Watts for 2 cards, Maybe even more.

Theres a good power supply calculator here.

- zanginator