Powerbook Power-up hardware question

I recently viewed the video on Logan and Wendell modifying the LG Retina display to be used through Displayport, and that lead me to want to do this myself. I was going to mount it on a stand, but that would've meant cannibalising one of my other laptops. While looking for an R40e that I had cannibalised already, I stumbled upon a Macintosh Powerbook 1400cs/166. During the black-out from lifting the brick, I had the idea to gut the system and give it some new hardware. The display would probably be the easiest thing, as the area for the old display is almost identical to the retina display, but having decent hardware/battery would be a bit harder.

To be honest, I wouldn't care if I couldn't use it as a true laptop, but I would at least want to try to get the keyboard/trackpad to work...

Seems like an awfull lot of work and things could get broken... good luck!