Power Surges on USB or bad software configuration?

Hi everyone :wave:,

Need help! Something unusual is happening with my PC :face_exhaling:. I recently changed from Pop OS to Fedora :metal: (not sure if that is relevant but anyway). An noticed that after logging in, my usb ports for a 5 second moment turns on and off, like a power surge. This phenomenon does not happens while I turn on the PC. Making me to believe that perhaps it might be software related. Any ideas?


  • Have a functional Cyberpower UPS 1000W.
  • My power reading are aroung 270W.
  • Have a lot, I mean a lot of USB hubs powered by a 60W USB charger :crazy_face:. 4 UGreen USB hubs.
  • Have a Bluray Drive connected with USB directly to the PC (No hubs) and same issue.

Thanks for the help everyone! :hugs:

One of those cheap USB โ€œmultimetersโ€ would work to determine if a hardware shutdown/restart/hiccup happens.

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Let me guess, AMD motherboard? If so, try to update to the latest firmware.


:scream: How did you knew I had AMD? Let me try that! Hope this solves it (Ritual Dance).

Thanks for the ideas. Unfortunately, :sob: It didnโ€™t solved it. Any ideas?

Check this article out and see if it can help