Power Supply's Cable Sleeves & How it can be attached?

Helllo, i'm really curious about how to attached those White, Red, Blue or any different colored sleeves over the original Power Supply cables? i'm gettin' them pretty soon & i need a little help or maybe explaination? about how should i Wrap/Attach those Sleeves over my Recent Power Supply's regular cable colors they look fantastic!

- Reply much appreciated thanks. 

What sleeve have you gotten? It is different for different types. Generally, though, you will remove the wires, stretch and cut an appropriate strip of sleeve for that wire, and thourgh heatshrink, as not to burn the sleeve, melt the ends of the sleeve over the bottom of the crimp, then remove the heatshrink with a sharp knife, idealy a razor or Xacto knife.

Option 1 - just get extenders.
Option 2 - sleeve each cable individually. 

Option 2 is extremely fiddly and you're going to need a PCI-E pin remover tool aswell as a molex pin remover tool.
Option 2 can be really cheap or really expensive, depending on how much time you've got. 

Don't do extensions. It's tacky, and ugly.


Thanks for The Whole Replies guys was been out of town for a while didn't even knew i had TekSyndicate account forget about it bcuz i wasn't been watching their videos lately i will start watching again thanks again!

Out of town for over a month? :)

Be sure to post your sleeving if you do it!