Power Supply

Are all power supplies universal or are there certian ones for certian computers like ddr2 and ddr3 ram or pci agp and pci-e so if someone could help me that would be great thanls.

Almost all PSU's are universal, but some have special connectors for OEM's, and also some have different specs which may support higher end hardware. But if your asking for compitability then as how as the PSU meets the specs, and has right connectors it will be fine.

so if i were to replace my 300 watt power supply with a 550 watt it would work if i got all of the wires connected into the right place onto the motherboard?

How big (powerful power hungry is your graphics card), Can you or do you want to put two of them in,


TakeƂ a look at this one, A good power supply is an under rated (not thought about enough)