Power Supply turns on then off

My power supply a tx650 from corsair turn on then off. The fan starts to spin then stops. What i've basically done is tried the paper clip test I'm not sure if this is the reason or not but i've tried this test so I can check is my psu is dead or not and its not dead but as the problem is listed. I don't want to test it with my motherboard because I'm scared my mobo will fry. Any responses are greatly appericiated. Thanks

Was it turning on and off when you were shorting it with the paper clip?

when i turn the power supply on the fan started up and 2 seconds later it would shut off I haven't tested it with anything but a paper clip. Judging from the videos the fan should keep spinning but mine didn't.

Most Corsair PSUs actually don't turn the fan on until a certian load and temperature are reached. It should be fine to use.

Alright thank you. You might be right or atleast that seems the most logical. Again Thank you.