Power supply troubles

Hey everyone i was curious on which power supply i should choose for my first gaming pc. Also id like any suggestions on my pc, i want to over clock and i only want the ssd for a few programs and the os soooo yeaaa.  Thanks for the suggestions in advance :)


Hey hey your build looks good, i would only chance a few things.

First to start with the memory, i would personaly chance them to G-skill snipers or arras 2x4 GB 1866mhz ram, its only 6 dollars more, but its faster, and its low profile, and thats inportant.

Those corsair vangeance you selected are high profile, you gonne install an aftermarket bigger aircooler, so you could can run into trouble by installing those high profile ram´s.



About a psu woow they are rediculious overpriced in Australia, my god.

i would say pickup a decent brand like Seasonic or XFX arround 550/650W at least 80+ bronze or better. i looked on  case gear site, but they don´t havem uch choice, its a bit depending on how much you can spend for it. i saw a seasonic 550W 80+gold, arround 130 dollars.

Grtz Angel ☺

Thank you so much :)