Power supply socket cable

this may seem really dumb i'm sorry. i'm building my first computer, I bought a bequiet! power supply and the socket is a european one ( Im form the UK ). I was wondering because I have a spare cable from something will it work fine or will it damage my system some how. I don't mind going out and buying an adaptor for my plugs.

I'm presuming you're talking about the kettle lead that plugs into your PSU.
If so, it's all about fuses from what I've read here.

Basically, that lead will work in any device, but you will need to change the fuse accordingly.
Here's a basic guide for what amp you should use (power info can be found on the device).

0-700W = 3A
700W-1000W = 5A
1000W-3000W = 13A

If you're using a device with a powerpack/transformer, such as a laptop or Xbox, then you have to go off what the powerpack says, not what the device says.


It should be fine. I assume that europe and the UK use the same power voltage and frequency? Either way aslong as your voltage and frequency is within the range that the power supply supports (pretty much all of them support 110 - 240v 50 - 60hz) then you can switch the cord for one with a UK plug.

thanks guys that has really helped