Power Supply Recommendation

I need a recommendation for a good 80 PLUS Bronze power supply

(and possibly different motherboard) for a PC with these specs:


Motherboard: ASROCK H77M (mATX, LGA1155)

CPU: i5-3570 (Since Intel chips use a smidge less power than AMDs)

RAM: 8GB Corsair (1600MHz)

HDD: WD Green 500GB

GFX Card: GTX 760 (ASUS Direct CU II)


This PC is for my girlfriend, she doesn't do anything else on computers

besides play a bunch of games with me and my brother and browse the

web, etc., so if you recommend a different motherboard, keep that in mind.

Seasonic G 360 or Rosewill Capstone 450M would be my top two choices. Low ripple(for the price, especially), hgih efficiency, and well built.

xfx 550w bronze +

It's a rebranded Seasonic that's cheap.

But you don't need that much power!

XFX 450W bronze!!!!! 550 covers most graphics cards.

I get so used to recommending 550.

Thanks, I'll check those out