Power supply rattling, please help!

So, I've had my current Corsair GS600 watt power supply for a year now and have had no problems with it up until recently. I started noticing a rattle that was seemingly coming from my power supply and thought nothing of it since at the time it was housed in a shitty Dell case. I recently built a new rig and subsequently I scavenged my GS600 watt from my old rig and put in my new one. The rattling resumed after a fair bit of usage and now know that the case isn't causing this problem. I'm not exactly sure what to do; I've had it for a year now and don't know if  I'd be able to get a warranty replacement. I also don't want to have to spend cash on buying a new power supply since I've been saving up for a better graphics card. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

It is probably the fan bearings not being properly screwed on, ask customer service about what to do. I personally never opened up a PSU so im not one to ask how.

Wish you best of luck

I concurr check the fan, but see if the warranty is still valid first (a new powersupply is better than a patched one)

3 year Warranty with Corsair psu's send it back to Corsair (thay actualy ask you to send it back to them instead of the retailer)