Power Supply issues?

Ok, I went to a power supply calculator (link) http://extreme.outervision.com/PSUEngine

These are the specs I added:

Phenom II x4

Amd radeon 6850

3 usb devices

1 cd/dvd combo drive

2 sticks ddr3 ram

one 7200 rpm hard drive

2x 120 MM fan

1x 140 MM fan


The thing that troubles me is the fact that the total recommended wattage for a psu is 682 watts. 

Is this normal?

Yes, this isn't actually the size of PSU you should get it's the absolute minimum power needed. So, i recommend a 700 watt or 750 watt PSU

Any name brand 500 watt psu.

I would get a Good quality PSU. Don't just get any name brand. I would check some of the PC Power and Cooling, Lepa, Seasonic, Antec, Corsair, Thermaltake, Raidmax, and Silverstone

You have to remember that power consumption fluctuates. I would always reccommend at least 20 to 25 watts more than what you need. But that reading doesn't seem all that right. 625w - 650w maybe? Also, does the website reading add these watts together at idle stages, minumum, max, or what? It could be many things.

there is no way that sytem will pull more than 400 watts 

It's always a good idea to get a higher wattage power supply then what you need. Just incase he decided to upgrade

This is what was thinking, It seems overkill. I though a 500 watt would cover it. Im kinda a noob when it comes to psu's but this probably the issue. This wattage was calculated on a 90% load, so would a 500-550 watt still be ok if i dont go 90% on it? Probably not right? I guess Ill just go for a 600+ ocz one cause they are dirt cheap

I just did everything you listed to double check, and it said the recommend PSU is 328W

I ran a [email protected] 3.7GHz, 2 HD 5850s @1GHz each on a 530w Rosewell green PSU, which was the cheapest best value PSU at the time, which the 630w green PSU is now, and they have nice amp rating as well as 80+ certs

Thanks for the quick replys as always guys! I think Ill just go for a 620 watt just to be on the safe side. 

@MikeHunt47 Hmmm not sure how you got that, Ill try again later today.