Power supply help

Hello Everyone.

i am building a new system with
Ryzen 2600
AMD RX 580
16 GB Corsair vengence 3000mhz
1 TB Baracude drive with 120 GB WD green ssd
Corsair Masterbox 5 lite RGB.

I will be using this system mostly to play games. i won’t be upgrading any components soon so my question is should i shell out extra money for 80 PLUS Gold rating over bronze.
Also the cooler master wattage calculater recommends 650W 80 plus GOLD supply and shows power consumption under load as 490W, so will a 550W supply do?


This is only efficiency rating.

Just to elaborate. The efficiency rating is a measure of how much it’ll draw more than it’s rated output. Say, a 550w bronze: 490w / 82% efficiency * 100 = ~598w at 490w output. Compared to a 650w gold, which will draw 490w / 87% * 100 = ~564w at 490w output. Here’s a link to the percentage numbers. About half way down the page.

The difference is 598-564=34w at your systems’ full load.
Assuming you run this thing at full load 24/7, the price to performance difference is debatable.
Assuming you don’t run this thing at full load 24/7, the difference is negligible.


Generally unless you are looking for specific features or over clocking the higher efficiency is not worth it. You won’t see a return on money in efficiency gains unless you have a very hungry system that you leave on 24/7 for years straight.

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My take on it is to get a gold rated if you can because it means that the components inside are of a slightly better quality than usual so it will last long and be reliable.
A 550W is surely enough to power your system and gold rated one are getting cheaper. I don’t think it’s worth saving 10-20$ to buy a bronze one.

Yes and no…
By itself it is just an efficiency rating. However the manufacturers tend to use better componentry in those high efficiency units.
For example, my bronze Seasonic have 3 years of warranty, while Ivan get gold rated Seasonic with to to 10 years…
Or if I cheap our a bit - 7 years warranty for not really that much more…
IDK. For me PSU is the only part people should NOT cheap out on. Just get the best you can…

So yes then.

While you’re right that a platinum will have high quality components, that technically has nothing to do with the rating.

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Mmmm this is where it gets complicated. Consider your future needs… Overestimate power by 10 percent. Then when looking at efficiency look at the manufacturers efficiency curve. Make sure your Idle fits an efficient spot, Make sure your 75 percent load case is near the peak and make sure your max load leaves good room to spare on the supply unit ideally.

The reason you do this is to use the efficiency curve to your best ability. Doing this ensures you are not paying for marginally better efficiency that you are not actually taking advantage of. Theres plenty of tuning people out there that can tell you the nit pickyness of power supply decisions haha…

Brands I would roll are mainly Seasonic, XFX, Superflower those are all solid. I like seasonic the most and if you roll them you wont disappoint yourself!

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XFX use Seasonic as manufacturer. So yes, basically just Seasonic…

I will say the same I always say - Seasonic, Superflower, FSP - those guys manufacturs power supplies.
All others go to those companies and say “we want a unit with those characteristics and add our monitoring module and whatever”, so we have NZXT, EVGA, beQuiet!, Etc etc …

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Yes but those monitoring and controllers are technically inferior to the built to spec controllers by the manufacturers like seasonic and super flower it’s also their main cause of failure most of the time. That and the spec is still sometimes reduced in other ways… for example xfx does quite literally use lower spec lower mtbf parts then the seasonic at the same spec it’s why it’s cheaper… sometimes they use one less layer on the pcb etc. Lots of stuff … but other then nitpicking at that slot of reputable brands are okay… I’d still roll SS or sf