Power Supply for Haswell CPU

So with Valve supporting my favourite type of operating system I felt it was time to take my first real hardware endevour. My intended profession is entirley software based and as a result I've never done almost anything hardware related.


I inteded to get one of the new Haswell CPU's when they come out this June/July and of course a motherboard to match. My current towers power supply (from what I could gather from the Internet) is a 180 watt supply (Lenovo H330). I imagine this would not be enough to supply a graphics card but that's okay as for the time being I am not planning on using one. This is as I hope to use the intergrated graphics. But my question is would a 180 watt power supply be enough to power the new Haswell CPU and it's motherboard?



if it came with a 1 or 2TB HDD and not a 500GB one that means you have a 250w one

haswell will be lower power

the issue will be the GPU you may buy

If your going to spend money on some resonable high end components then get a real power supply!