Power supply exploded

So my corsair RM750 exploded today.

turned on my computer, logged into windows then I heard a loud popping sound. run and unplug everything and smell the sweet smell of electrical smoke....

I cant test yes, how likely that anything else is fried? I ask it wasn't a cheap build and I can't exactly afford to replace it D:

from what I can tell it looks as if a capacitor blew.....

sorry for your loss first, second to test if anything else is fried the easiest way is to get a replacement power supply and install it and see if the computer boots with the new power supply. if you don't have time to get a power supply or something you can smell in your computer for a burnt electrical smell to see if anything else is affected, most likely its just the power supply itself.

nothing else smells funky thank god, motherboard looks visually ok, asside from some minor things that I think is probably unrelated and perfectly fine.

do you have any experience with power supplies going belly up? I can handle $100-$200 for a new power supply but I can't afford a new computer.

I had a near miss with a power supply and RMA it, it left a extremely pungent smell after couple of hours of gaming and i thought my mum burnt her cooking. Even when I just (it was just a few months ago before i RMA it) got it there was a noticeable smell but it was just the special glue or the new smell that it will wear off but it eventually worsened over time.

well thats slow death, insta death is when it migh surge, mostly me being paranoid.

any good PSUs in the 700-800w range to recommend?

EVGA 750w G2 is what I have, bloody great power supply but its a tad loud with eco mode off but its personal preference.

hmm I'm looking at this
http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817438017&AID=10657534&PID=3938566&SID=&nm_mc=AFC-C8JunctionCA&cm_mmc=AFC-C8JunctionCA-_-na-_-na-_-na&utm_medium=affiliates&utm_source=afc-%zn (evga model numbers are kinda confusing)

and this


my budget is <200cad preferably $150 area.

want something that wont die and can support an i5 and 2 970s

The 750W G2 is cheaper on amazon LINK

I know its cheaper else where, its $170 other sites.

I'm only using newegg links because they provide lots of information in a readable fasion

Where in Canada are you Space Bear?

nova scotia.

so update.

rest o fcomp is fine just a dead power supply

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Yup. Definitely was a cap. This is why I have always advised people not to get the RM series... and people have shunned me for suggesting so...

I read about the short commings of the RM series after I bought it.

since my (stupid) logic was, SLI ready, modular, reputable brand and 80+ gold. this was before I learnt about power supplies and what actually makes them good.

I'm going to try and RMA it and bitch and offer to pay the diference to get a different model AX750I is what i think I should go for.

If you can get them to feel bad for you, you may be able to get an upgrade for free. Lol. Their fault.

depends, I will probably bitch at them see what I can pull out.

but in the mean time I'm thinking of getting this https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/part/evga-power-supply-220g20750xr

Hey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! strip the mobo of everything except display and 1 stick of ram. DO NOT TEST WITH EVERYTHING IN PLACE.
test the old psu , if possible to see witch rail gave up.

I find my Silverstone Strider Gold S 850W Fully Modular PSU is doing absolutely amazing for me.
Single rail, fully modular, not super expensive, tiny, can handle 900W continuous load, dead silent until heavy load, etc.

also hope you have a spare PSU to test everything with, if you have a to lower power spare psu to check things with for your PSU you can use a lower power PSU, plop in a spare low power GPU, and see if it boot. if it doe's, you're all good.
RMA / complain to the PSU company, and say "you almost blew up my expensive system I demand a better higher quality PSU", it might work.

don't have time for that

yea thats my plan, I'm going to try and weasle my way into having them give me a AX750I (think thats the model)

I have tested my system it works fine but I don't have a spare PSU to use permenantly, I have however ordered an EVGA g2 so that should arrive tmr or friday thank fuck.

The RM series in hind sight is fucking shit, the forums and reviews are plastered with them blowing, not to mention mine ran hot prior to death.