Power problems


i am currently building a open cl / gaming pc. These are my specs.

Case:       Corsair 800d

Mobo:      Asus crosshair v formula

Ram:        32 gb of corsair pro ram

Cpu:         Amd 8350

Psu:         corsair ax 760 80plus platimum

Gpus:       2 asus gtx 770

My question is will my psu support both my gpus and cpu without an problems. (btw i dont inted to overclock at the moment)

Thanks for your help :)

Yes, quite easily. Very nice, strong psu.

what deejeta said and if you want to find out how many watts you may need to power this build try pcpartpicker.com ....choose the parts and it'll give you a good estimate. With that build you'll probably still have a good 100watt overhead, or possibly a little more.... running SLI/Xfire does tend to up the wattage load decently.

Have fun with the build though!

P.S. That's a nice PSU! :)

It's actually about 200W too large, but that is aside from the point.