Power Outage: SLow Boot Time

Yesterday night there was a power outage, I had been at the start screen of my windows 8 about to shut the computer off; but the power outage did it for me. My computer had previously booted in approx. 7 seconds, and now it takes about a minute just to get to the windows loading screen. It runs perfectly after starting up, but the boot time increase is extremely annoying, especially for a build as recent as mine. For my system specs please see my profile. Any and all help is appreciated.

Good old windows 8


( I would just re install and see if that fixes anything because my computer when I was running windows 8 would need to re instal everytime I had a power out or it was shut off by the power button )



I'd really rather if i didn't have to re-format as my finals are next week and i'll need my programs and documents to sccess said files.

Are there any other solutions, like a utility i may not know of?

I have not found any other than just re installing Sorry