Power LEDs from a single 5V USB port?

Greeting Tek community
I have come by a nice old keyboard and would like to breath new life to this amazing technology, by backlighting it.
I have the Acer 6311-K (membrane with knockoff alps switches) that I would like to backlight with LEDs. I have done some research on backlighting keyboards but it usually involved using EL wires, but since I already have a couple of LEDs here, I would want to make use of them, before they go bad. So how do I wire them LEDs to be powered by a single 5V, 500mA USB port, without any of the LEDs blowing up or my motherboard USB port burning down.
Thank you TS community and more power, so that you could all kinds of amazing things.

Thank you for the reply @Chronos !
I'll do some more research and try applying it on a breadboard.
Again, thanks for giving me the headstart, I'll try posting progress once I start.

Great video, thanks.