Power draw of 1600 VS. 1600x

Ok the 1600x is on sale for 199 compared to 214 for the non x. I have a 500w psu and a master liquid lite then I’m wanting to get a 1070. So do I have enough watts left over for the 1600x.

You have more than enough…
The entire system on max shouldn’t consume mote than 400W total…
BTW I also got MasterLiquid Lite 240 like 3 days ago. Still haven’t attached it.


Solid advice here.

Even overclocked you’ll be totally fine. Ryzen is very efficient as is Pascal.

1600X eats less power than my Athlon 760K, the 1070 eats less power than my R9 270X. I have 11 fans and an RGB strips (2 of them) and I am fine with 430W…
People are way overestimating the power draw of their systems.

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