Potentially best way to get below 0 Degree cooling

Hey Tek Synidicate I found a video on youtube showing how to get below 0 Degree cooling for only 800 dollars. Just wondered if there is a practical way to do this on a stock 3770?


The Video


use a system with a compressor and freon coolant.... pricey stuff

I hope you realize that video was done as a joke.

To get below zero degrees you're going to either need liquid nitrogen, liquid helium, freon, or possibly a thermal electric cooler. There is no practical way to do it.

I completely understand I thought that you might be able to stick this in a wall or someplace away from your pc and just have -7 Degree temps. To be honest I actually thought it was a decent idea.

Phase changer.

Here is a really popular one. If you really want high quality stuff, not saying that one is bad, but you should probably get the Little Devil one; LD cases are products are ridiculous.

I don't get how the cooler works it just looks like a modded MIG welder.

Laws of Physics and Thermodynamics says thats impossible, im pretty sure it was a just a joke he was playing along with, only way to get temps below ambient are the methods Vortex listed, which all use varying properties of thermodynamic laws.


The results were manufactured. He's not actually getting below 0 degrees. You can't get below room temperature with just water cooling or air cooling. It's not possible.


  1. Buy a mini-fridge
  2. Mod the rad inside of it.
  3. Should get you pretty close to 0

If it's a MIG welder, where's the ground?

The phase changer will handle 5.0gHz at 100% load below 0 degrees C.

It essentially works the same way a fridge works, with a compressor, heat exchanging pipes, etc., etc.

Most phase changers, including that one listed, are single stage - anything more is borderline specialized industrial.

i'll just leave this here... I need to grab one without the damn interface showing


Forget about Below 0. Not feasible, as it comes at the price of condensation if on 100% duty cycle. As far as mini fridges are concerned, the coil in them is not designed to run 24/7. It'll blow. Air conditioners are, however. That's all I can add. This takes a lot of research if you are going into extreme cooling on the cheap. If you want something better than most, use a truck radiator or something haha. 

I did hear of someone using brake fluid in his water cooling loop rather than distilled water or coolant. Supposedly it lowered temperatures pretty significantly, but nowhere near 0. Doing something like that might hurt the pump in the long run too.

Unless you're cooling the coolant, temps will never go below ambient in a custom loop.

use a TEC. made on in real life for 40 bucks..... even benchmarked it for everyone.



also, brake fluid will strip paint, i would not put that in my loop 0.o

 (for some reason the youtube video is not showing for me. youtube<dot>com/watch?v=9CERNKdYHag )

Yeah, I know. I'm just saying that apparently brake fluid has a better chance of getting to ambient than water.

Lol, I never said I recommended it. I just saw a thread on another website a few years back where someone tried it.