Potential Work PC

I've been considering building a second compact work system for me and my team, a small desktop that can be carried around that will turn things out fast than our laptops could. The biggest two constraints are its size and price, we don't have a ton of money to throw around and the system needs to fit in a hand bag/breif case. Here is the build I have been toying with.

The system would end up being used by the four of us in and out of the office. Thats 2 programmers, 2 artists and a sound engineer (yes, 4 != 5, one person works as both a programmer and artists). So this system will be used for compiling, compression, image editing, 3D modeling and sound editing as well as some "gaming" being testing our products.

The SSD size isn't overly important as most of us have USB 3.0 external drives we use for carrying our large files, we also have 2 active servers which we can draw from as well. The case is a personal preference (well 2 of us at least) as its cheap and looks good, and if the PSU can hold out it should delivery just enough power. As discovered earlier, the case uses a Micro ATX PSU so if it does start to choke I've been considering a 300W seasonic as a replacement.

Hoping to be able to OC and undervolt the CPU, thinking I might be able to get 4.2-4.5GHz with a minor undervolt to keep heat and power usage from spiking. Gonna have to rely on that stock cooler being good enough to deal with the workload.

When it comes to price, well, to be honest we can't even afford this, we're going to try to appeal to our investors to chip in for it, else we we try to scratch this thing together outselves. We're not even sure we are going to be doing this to begin with, but its been an idea thats been floating around for a little while that I felt like getting down on paper....

 So what are your thoughts? 

I would go with some faster ram if you can afford it. Something around 2133mhz.

I agree w/ Vortex. Faster Ram. Also if you're going to be using Adobe software, I'd consider running w/ an nVidia GPU b/c CS6 supports the use of CUDA Cores, which is an nVidia technology so those programs would likely run smoother, faster, more efficient. I think Logan talked about CUDA support w/ Adobe and such during one of his recent videos. 

Aside from that, I know you 'can't afford it' but if you're overclocking, get an aftermarket CPU Fan/Heatsink. You can get good coolers for only $20 or $30, and they might save you $500 in the long run from your chip melting. AMD CPU's seem to run warm in the FX series. Go to newegg and filter price and rating. You'll find TONS of matches. Xigmatek, Coolermaster, Rosewill all make decent fans/heatsinks.


IMO, if you really can't afford it, wait a month or six weeks, get an extra $100 and make sure each part is squared away. Also, if you're not already, sign up for Newegg shell-shocker deals. You can buy a few parts at a time as they go on sale. They do them constantly. Just got Kingston HyperX 120Gig SSD for $69!!


Otherwise I like that build. I'm going to use the same CPU chip in my next build. Good luck, have fun.

Hmm, faster memory eh? Jumping up to 1866MHz isn't too bad on the wallet, actually neither is 2133MHz but the CAS is gonna take a hit, I could go for 9 CAS 2133MHz but its nearly double the price of the current memory which is a bit too steep, so you guys think the 2133MHz with 11 CAS latency would be worth it?

When it comes to the heatsink, the stock isn't terrible, has 2 heatpipes and is fairly low profile. I was hoping by undervolting the CPU I'd be able to get it to draw less power and run a bit cooler. Do you think this is unreasonable? I've have one ultra low profile cooler I used in my MuskRat build which was recommended by frostytech, so if I were to drop the coin on a cooler it would probably be that one. 

As far as the graphics card is concerned, the CUDA cores would be nice but I don't think I can sacrifice that much GPU power for them. The closest thing I can find (couldn't actually find a low profile one) was a GT 640 and it is significantly outperformed by the HD7750 on all fronts. Perhaps if there were a low profile GTX650 I could consider that, but I'd be a bit worried about tipping my 300W power balancing act.

Yeah, I keep my eyes on the ShellShockers, here in Canada there are only 2 per day though. I've bought them multiple times.

Thanks for the input guys. 

I'd stick with 1866, and see if you can OC as stablely as a posibble

if you have yet to buy the other PCs I would mix it up have some that are intel and Nvidia that way when testing you can mix and match for a varity of different hardware