Potential simple DIY optical thunderbolt, DP, HDMI cable

So I came across this, 30 meters <$60

4x10GB … 4 data pairs, like Displayport and thunderbolt.
I briefly looked for info on voltages, only see mention of voltages around 3.3 in this

Displayport or HDMI could be iffy with the varying data rate/pixel clock, but thunderbolt… ?
Looks like it could be as simple as a passive adapter (not HDMI, which is 5volt)… maybe. Oh, plus power to the modules on the ends of fiber cables.
EDIT: I suppose (I know for sure) for display, you’d need an EDID chip on the source side. Probably just rip one from a dongle that reports support for all the things.

PDF link to a very large infiniband document.

Apparently there are “smart” and “dumb” cables. I’d assume the dumb cables would be good for any use mentioned above, not exceeding maximum bandwidth of course. They may all be dumb as far as the signalling that would matter for the DIY adapter. Sometimes these block diagrams don’t show everything.