(Potential Project) Level1Techs BBS

Apparently this isn't the first time somebody has considered this

I worried as much, the codecs aren't all that great for what you want to do with it If we did run the bbs through voip it would be fairly slow I imagine.
Well, slower than it already was

If i can pipe floppy disk sounds to the client I want to.

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I'm pretty sure it'll stilll compress the piped audio.

The more the better!

I... don't follow. (?)

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Please don't try to follow you'll get trapped in the rabbit hole with me :P

Apparently there are prepackaged BBS systems. I think I'll look at how they are put together and see if i can do my own.

I'm also thinking about using the dial up that we still pay for to actually try and do this proper.


Dial up seems more viable than VOIP, but if you ever get the itch to try it
here's some discussion on "lossless" audio transfer.
Anyhow, have fun figuring that mess out.
I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Also for note if I want to go the route and do a modern BBS system I might ask for code help. Will keep posted when i come back out of the hole.

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I'll help in anyway i can :D
See you on the other side!


Ok this is very cool. It reminds me when I first saw the internet on a C64 with a 28.8 modem or maybe it was less than that.


Damn, I'm going to have to pull out the compaq luggable to connect to this thing, huh.

Nah just telnet. Either get puttytel or use the baked in client if you're not on windows.

And trust me, you'd have to go back further to eagle electronics to even be allowed the address.

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"Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence" wtf is this?!


Can't be all caps.

Damn. I had an exclamation mark in there. That's not a capital. technically

just drop in a < random stuff here > in without the spaces inbetween the bracket and character and you should be fine

This is a fantastic idea.

I freakin love terminal UI's and would love to experience a level1 bbs.


Small update in an edit on OP

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I think that this is a great idea... I never got to really enjoy the BBS scene when it was in it's prime and I think it would be cool to be a part of.

Noooo, well I mean thats ok. But would be cool to set up a L1 BBS as well....are you going to make me have to learn a lot of stuff and do it........ if so please post updates on how you make yours so I have copy and paste lol :)

I don't know if a door game or not, Edit: it is, a tradewars game would be fun

PCmag did a piece/pic slideshow on it

With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to explore this corner of gaming history by looking back at a handful of my favorite classic BBS door games. This is by no means a ranking or definitive list; programmers released hundreds of door games during the 1980s and '90s. This is merely a small sampling of this rich period in computer history.

To give you a more authentic feel for what these games looked like in their natural vintage environment—an IBM PC running MS-DOS—I have taken actual photos of the games running on a VGA monitor—I also played them through the vintage terminal program Telix, which I used to login to my BBS.

Speaking of that BBS, you can still play all these games today by connecting yourself. To log into The Cave BBS, telnet to cavebbs.homeip.net (port 23), create a user account (type "/s" and hit enter to save the validation message) then see the list of door games by pressing a period (.) at the main menu. Have fun, and please share your memories of your favorite BBS door games in the comments.