(Potential Project) Level1Techs BBS

I'm bored, the internet is stupid, fuck you guys I'm going to the BBS!

Thats right, for the last few.... probably years actually, I have wanted to host a BBS. Not many people use BBS' any more, the only one that is still major is fidonet, but you know what I want to build one. What is a BBS you ask?

Basically a forum but command line.

So...... why? Am I insane? yeah probably. But I want to set one up because to learn a lot of the new server stuff I go all the way back and go up from there. I don't want to learn the new stuff first, nono thats a waste of time if you don't know the base! In my opinion.

Anyone interested?


It will be running off of synchronet. I'm not sure if I would actually label it as Level1 Techs after thinking about it because I could be that one wierd ass streamer who has a BBS instead of a forum >:DDDDD

But yeah, thinking on the name thing. I'll post it in a lot of places so its more than just us on there. If theres any doorgames you used to like let me know what they are! I'm looking for some doorgames that are like Hack, some coder games, and text adventures which shouldn't be too hard. I'm working out hardware next then building.

edit, but with a poll

What should the BBS run on?

  • Linux
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP



i'll join your bulletin board


Sounds fun. By the time I was allowed on the internet BBS had faded out. I feel like I missed out on a part of internet history.


Same, would love a Level1Techs BBS. would be kinda like a secret part of the forums that no-one knows about, and it would allow people to get in touch with the community from really remote locations, if they have a phone line handy :D

Love the idea, ask @wendell if you whant to use the Level1Techs name!


or see if we can make it a community project, like a kinda sorta official-unofficial BBS for L1T

Maayyyybe.... I've kinda dreamt of it for a while just never had a community to point it at. I'll think about it but I think building the BBS and everything there will be my thing and I'll leave the content to the forum :P

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I'm down. It sounds like a really good way to bring the community together in the software freedom and freedom of information areas.

hmm hopefully no one has a copy of the old nuclearmeltdown bbs and can find my old account there lol



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thats just the demo ;)
Which was also in my intel skylake video but no one caught it. And yet someone caught the polygraph in our new set!


Do you think it's a feasible project? Might not be the most practical thing in the world, but it sounds like a lot of fun to do!

Feasible? I don't care if its easy :p


I've been looking all around for a archive of the BBS or something more than the demo and I can assure you that if there even is anything it's hidden better than Halliday's Egg

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My secrets are safe for now, then.


I'm excited by this idea. Let me know if you need support with anything, I'd be glad to pitch in.

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http://www.imitationpickles.org/nm/? closer?

I'm down, idk how I could help, do to being a pleb, but am interested in this very much.

I love BBS, I'm on 100% on board with this


To everyone saying they want to help, thank you, however this will be able to run all on a pentium M. So hardware thats not an issue. Its also all text so that won't matter either. If anyone wants to REALLY help, look up how I can push the data THROUGH VOIP and host a voip number for me / find me a voip system so this can be 100% an authentic BBS. Otherwise it'll just be boring ipv4/6 telnet connections (no, it will never be in a browser so learn your terminal!!).

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