Potcoin Trading

Yes Potcoin is getting mined like crazy. They are at 0.1 Bitcoin per Thousand. If you want more information on Pot Coins (POT) go here. http://potcoin.info/ or https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=426324.0 

But i came here to see if any one wanted to trade (POT) for a game. im looking to trade DayZ or Battlefield 4

is this a script based currency like litecoin or can i mine it just like bitcoin, becuase I have the asics for it


i have 135 potcoin

Interesting. Can you convert Potcoins straight to a normal currency like USD or AUD. I ask becouse i am currently mining Dogecoins and am looking for other currency's to mine that aren't affected by Bitcoin.

ebay, 10k doge is avg $25-30

I was mining dogecoin but i started 3 weeks ago it was to late for me. And not quite yet potcoins can't yet be traded for Normal Currency. but it will once there is a Demand for this. mostly the cannabis society will look for this type of cypto currency.


Haha, fail.

whys that? people pay for all kinds of shit on ebay

Because in OPs post, 

They are at 0.1 Bitcoin per Thousand.

That means 10k would be 1BTC worth of coin.. So either you, or the OP, is severely mistaken..

he's referring to potcoin, i was referring to dogecoin  

Ohhhh, I totally missed that. Whoops. My apologies. 

lol yea that would be really weird if Dogecoin was at 0.1 BTC per thousand. XD

more like awesome, well sort of awesome i just traded my doges plus cash for some 290's so that would break me heart more then anything if that happend

heres where i got started its for litecoin but all the same rules apply to pretty much any scrypt coin




this guy runs dedicated pool and has some really informative videos also