POSTURE: standing up at the computer?

So  I have recently read a few articles about desks where you stand up and use the computer because sitting all day is unhealthy. 

Personally I sit down both at work and at home and I have fairly recently been getting back pain. 

considering I have read a few articles online that conflict with one another, where some say that standing is the holy grail of mixing health and sedentary life. As well as some that claim that standing for too long will be a health risk with your circulatory system. Not to mention that some articles say that standing is either good or horrible for your back.

so all in all I was hoping that you or someone else on the forum could help determine what the truth is. Has anyone experimented with this and what were your experiences? 

I suppose that I could contact my physician if this seems like a worth while thing for someone's health and that would be a more deffinitive answer.

Thanks in advance for any help or opinions!

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If you sit down at a computer, I think this will produce less fatigue when you're trying to concentrate on tasks. Just make sure you sit with the monitor at eye level, and take a break once in a while. Go stretch your legs, whenever it suits. Best of both worlds.

Hey it is a generally something that depends on the person,your body (Weight,height, gender, posture and fitness etc..) there are a lot of infuencing factors but generally it as with most things the middle path that is the best.

I will say that if you are working a deskjob invest in a decent chair, you dont need an Aeron chair but you do get ones that are certified orthopedic and have very decent lower back and neck support. There are also some Aeron chair copies that are very decent and affordable.

I have the same problem but I walk around the office whenever I have downtime or am waiting on a server to finish a build and this has helped immensely.

Good luck and Im not kidding on the chair thing it really is a worthwhile investment.

I simply cannot stand to use a computer....I used to work at a library and we stood all day typing in stuff and it really just made me want to kill myself with the back pain I got from it ( which didn't help me focus)...I would suggest just getting a better chair....maybe one with a back massager ;) as for staying healthy I just run on a treadmill for a few minutes a day to keep myself moving day to day

You should get an inversion table to use 10mins a day or more. It will relieve all the pressure you are having from sitting all the time. The ones with the back arch piece are awesome since there is a metal support bar there.

You'd like this

Thanks for all the input, does anyone have any chair recommendations whilst we are at it?

IF you have cash to burn something by Herman Mller

or Vitra

I bought my Girlfriend a Vitra Meda chair and she swears by it.


As a rower, back injuries are one of the biggest risks in the sport. In my conditioning training we do a few excersises and weights to really up the core strength and protect the back from injury. one easy one that anyone can do is to just run and lean down to touch the ground every couple of metres. also dead lifts, planks, and squats WITH CORRECT POSTURE are helpful.