Post your usb type C things!

other than the new zte cellphone
ive never actually SEEN a wild usb type C device,
post some shit that i can buy !

My Nexus 6P is USB C, other than that I've seen a couple of USB hard drives but that's about it.

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Nexus 5X & 6P
I have the 6P, and loving it.

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I have one device that is USB type C. It's a Nexus 5X, I like the ease of use I love the quick charging. What is less great is having to buy a new in car charger. That I now have three chargers in a pile on my desk, Type C, Micro B and the proprietary one for my Chromebook.

Lumia 950 (having said that, the software platform is so unbeliveably buggy, my new S7 turns up Monday)

I have a Nexus 6p and wife has a 5x. I also have a Dell XPS 13 (the newest one with TB2 and Iris gfx) and a broken TB2 dock (apparently Dell had design defects in them so they're all broken - they charge great but no data/video). Lastly, I have a pair of Bang & Olufsen Bluetooth speakers that charge with Type-C. And of course chargers and cables.

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Note 7

Another phone (who the hell saw that one coming?). The Xiaomi Mi5 Pro. I love this fucking thing

Considering the lack of activity in this thread I would say we need wider adoption of USB type-c

First we need wider adoption of the new certifications for USB Type-C. The high power capabilities of USB C make it dangerous if done out of spec, which a lot of manufacturers do, like OnePlus, Samsung, and more, not to mention cheap Chinese accessory companies.

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Up to one hundred watts is a lot of power to play with
Hell that could power 2x 40 inch 4K screens

I have a type c to type a converter so I can use a usb hub because I ran out of ports on my mobo.