Post Your Ride Thread (anything you actually ride)

Got rid of the ugly mirrors and installed barkbusters.

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I'm not sure about this, buy don't we have a thread for this already? We might only have a car one though.

Haha, was why I created it, the other thread is for custom cars.

Not my bike exactly, but same model

Other than that...muh quad


Love the name of your image.

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This is my pushy!

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This is my ride .......

Genuinely surprised no one has posted their spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend in this thread.


Alphonse checking out my ride.

I volunteer at this great place called the Third Hand Bicycle Co-op. My hours worked earned me a discount on my bike. It only cost $50! The Co-op collects junk bikes and repairs them or strips them for the parts. Three days a week we are open to the public for bicycle repairs. There are eight workstations each with a frame holder and a full set of color coded tools (the green handle wrench goes back to the green work area.)

The awesome part is I do not fix any customer bikes. (I do rebuild old bikes to be resold.) Let's say a kid comes in with a flat tire. I bring him back and I TEACH him how to fix his own tire and how to do a basic tune up / safety check.

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I've got a 2005 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 classic. I don't have any up to date pics of it, I've added things.

And a closeup of the custom paint on there


That would require people here having one of those...


i ride a ruckus

@ThatBootsGuy cool bike


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'09 Nightster
pretty much stock, only added a custom side license plate mount, cause in germany we didn't get that by default -.-
and some better sounding exhausts.


Looks nice man and I'm not really a Harley person.

thanks, me neither ... but at the time it was one of the most basic new motorcycles around with a very classic 60s look. a year later i would have probbably ended up with a Triumph Bonneville.

ahem... lemme... try that again ._.

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Looks speedy :D

I was going to post a picture of my truck but that image isn't on this phone since my last one died. I have it at home though.

Once I attach a drill with a sprocket to it, then it might be :333333