Post your oldest piece of computer hardware

This is the oldest piece of computer hardware I own, a Macintosh LC 475, built in 1993, 25Mhz Motorola 68LC040 processor with 160MB Hard Drive and 4MB of RAM. It has the strangest RAM config lol. One is soldered to the board, the other one is slightly different from the rest and sits in an angled slot and the other two are removable a sit in a regular slot. Also has a good old floppy drive.

So the bar is set at 1993.  Anyone have anything older?

Better if it's posted in the forums. This doesn't seem a suitable place for this.

A PSU manufactured in 1992, cannot post a photo right now though. It is still working fine to this very day.

I have an old Macintosh Performa 410. It started production just 3 days before the LC 475. It runs at a whopping 16MHz with 4MB of RAM, and a 80MB hard drive. Full album here.

i haz DDR1, but is not herez

Accidental double post

That looks like the Steam box ... :/


how things move on eh ?

I have a syquest drive with a 44mb disk somewhere in my attic


I lost most of my coursework due to one of the disks dying on me :(

They were the betamax equivalent to the iomega zip drive...

I also have an olivetti 286 in the attic but I dont think that is ever going to work again.

I got an HP laptop from 1996 laying around somewhere. Fully functional unless something has happened since the last time I used it.

I got this bad boy from my dad. He paid $500 for it in 1983, today that would be around $1,500. Complete with a 1Mhz CPU and 64KB of RAM. Max resolution: 300x200. 16 Colors. As in 16 colors, not 16 bit. My how far we have come. My cell phone has 2097152 KB of RAM (2GB) That's 32,768 times more RAM than this machine and it was state of the art

I have an TRS-80 III from Radioshack my first computer I learned DOS And DOSShell.

shameful but the oldest computer stuff in this house is my dad's computer, I'm going to build him a new one soon but it's not exactly ancient. Core 2 Duo, in some prebuilt Dell.

Darn, a close one. Shame I can't post a picture right now as it stayed at parent's house, but it's a 1986 Commodore 64C with 5.25 floppy disk unit and a bunch of 5.25. floppy disk games... Those were the times... :)

Since half the comments in this thread don't have a pic: My oldest is a Mac Color Classic. bringing it to my place to mess with when I visit the folks for the holidays. Wow, only a couple weeks. Pic to come

We've got a ZX Spectrum somewhere...

I have an AMD K6, a pentium III, and an AMD Athlon.

A few packard bells in the basement, with an old handheld vaio with xp..:( 

- I still use an old build/purchase with 1GB of DDR and a 9000 series ATI Card

I have a  Busicom calculator 141-PF. Created in 1970 in partnership with intel using Intel 4004. Actually my father owned it. For more information click here.

Mine would be my 'Tandy enhanced keyboard'. It must be from sometime in the 80's, and is a really lovely keyboard to use.

I've got a bunch of stuff from the early 90's in my legacy box in the closet.  Here's a couple parts I pulled out real quick:

A massive old 250 watt PSU and a riser card both out of an old 486 based full tower.  They're from around 92 or so.  I also have an old amber monochrome monitor from the late 80's back in there too.  It's probably the absolute oldest piece of computer related hardware I have, but it's too much work to unburry it just for this lol.  Matter of fact, now that I think of it, that thing may actually be at my moms...  I can't remember.  Anyway, my legacy box was just inside the closet on a shelf, so it was quick and easy to get to.