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Some of us still run void, arch and alpine linux to keep rejecting modernity. We can include gentoo to but as powerful as emerge is… Its masochism. Void is super minimal and highly audited. I love it. Offers glibc and musl flavors. But its package manager is arch like which is ass.

Alpine apk is a beautiful package manager with simple syntax. So ill give the edge to alpine here



In this scenario, systemd is modernity.

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Achrbuild system allows you to eliminate systemd and rebuild pacman packages for any init you want. You just dont get fancy script kiddie install methods available. Artix offers a prebuilt image without sysd though if you want prebuilt

People dont understand … Normal everyday people dont need corpo thought up daemons running everywhere to glue their system together haha

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Damn, I’m out of the loop. Based

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Yeah. Still though. I do really like alpine. Ive been exploring it on a non nvidia laptop. Hence me saying lets pressure nvidia to support musl but that may require refinement to their drivers


Join us on the dark side.

Kernels were never meant to use proprietary modules.

Years of “apt install nvidia-dkms” and still no real world use case for nvidia interrupts.

Want to render games faster? We have a tool for that, it’s called FidelityFX Super Resolution.

“Tensor cores are better” - Statements dreamed up by the utterly deranged

They have played us for absolute fools!


You know. I may do that for my next laptop upgrade BUT that is unlikely to happen until I have a need. So 5 to 7 years or so. I would love an All AMD laptop. As in x3d in mobile would be wonderful. Mot high end. Just the 8 core one… Top it off with a AMD discrete GPU with 12 GB of VRAM and i will be very content. That would be a daily for me but right now the cost of tech is astronomical and I hear all amd laptops are sadly still buggy due to “AmD hYbRiD graphics with a 780m still onbord their crap”… Ugh

Just give me a 8 core lower power x3D part and a discrete GPU. Is that too hard to ask?

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s6 is very modern though. And it beats everything I know of, I wish this will become the new standard for most distros. It’s based on daemon-tools concepts, but takes it up to 11.

xbps isn’t that bad (and you can literally alias most of the commands to apt-like). The reason I like it more than apk is its xbps-src build system (apkbuild is similar though, I’m pretty sure the templates are intentionally similar, to allow one package to go to either distro), but xbps-src shines because it supports multiple libcs and CPU architectures (while apk only works on musl and multiple cpu arch).

This thread has gone severely of the rails and I’m not helping… xD

At least CUDA works on any Nvidia card there is. Can’t say the same for whatever compute architecture AMD is pushing this month.

Does it stick to init-system tasks? I’m talking about conceptual tradition, not necessarily code base age.

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The s6-linux-init, yes, it’s just an init that launches (and keeps) services up, a la daemon-tools. The s6-rc part is the modern thing, which handles dependencies and ensures that no program is started before all its dependencies are up (kinda like you would do After + Requires in systemd).

It’s traditional, in the sense that it’s all unix (do one thing and do it well). It’s also split in many different packages (because you could technically use your own built-in tools, or tools that your distro ships with, without making use of the s6-portable-utils or s6-linux-utils, or even use execline scripts, although s6-rc has a dependency on execline).

So… yeah… modern take on traditional concepts.

Explain more

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Maybe it’s best we split off to another thread?



my tiny ollama llama3 nuc11

Been a while. Hey Gang!


I have been playing around with a (New to be known to me) Distro from OpenSuse called MicroOS. I have it in a VM. I want to run it from scratch. I am still figuring out the “Ignition” system for a config file and how it works. here is a neofetch from the VM.

It is a nice little system.

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And now that the beast has dual 4K monitors


Did not see your build post. Very Nice Setup. Are you Air Cooling or water cooling?

Closed loop liquid cooling. Also here is my thread on the build itself:

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