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My main PC

My Proxmox server



Another rare.

BTW you can totally compile and run Go programs on it. I’ve bootstrapped 1.19.2 on the system itself. Sometimes makefiles use incompatible things but you can compile on another system using GOOS=plan9 GOARCH=amd64. Code that rely on OS specific stuff like inotify might not work but it can handle net/http or some ws.

(yes its running on real hardware)


I guess I will wait for popos 24.04 lts before i upgrade. maybe their rust de will be done by then.

Setup the Minisforum NPB7 w/ Fedora 38.
Went back to Dracula after using KDE Sweet for a few years.


I think those are good candidates for OpenSuSE Tumbleweed. Have you tried those yet? Its like…

Yeah, I started w/ TW, but couldn’t get Splashtop working, so I went with Fedora since it’s supported natively.

problems with scrot

be back later


New build for retro gaming. Not my favorite desktop so far usability wise but it is beautiful, hopefully I will get used to using it…
Open to suggestions for lightweight distros with more traditional desktop options :stuck_out_tongue:


Enlightenment is nice. It was among the first to work on wayland support, before Plasma and GNOME Shell (but don’t quote me on that). I remember back in 2018 seeing a video of Enlightenment running on a Raspberry Pi doing smooth video playback, something not achievable on xorg (I had jwm + compton on my pi 2 and couldn’t play videos well at all). Given the age, it was probably running on a pi 3.

I never managed to get Enlightenment to work on Wayland, but if I could’ve, I probably would’ve kept using it to this day.

Don’t think I ever posted this.


… and one of the VMs which is stuck on Fedora for now until I have time to switch it over.

The VMs get rebooted every night when the backup script runs. :yay:


Love the Wallpaper. simple, dark . Love the look of that.

Got my hands on some more riscy hardware


Actually just the terminal background, but I agree. I like my wallpapers simple like that too.

Screenshot from 2023-09-19 11-20-51