Post your Neoflex (Neofetch) here

Seriously. Those OG pis would tend to fail fast and hard.


It’s been my pi-hole server for years. Rock solid.

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Likely the final Neofetch from my GPB 360.



Sounds like the perfect dirge for Windows…

It’s a good song lol.

I was more surprised that neofetch shows the song being played, than the name of the song.

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Oh, yeah. You just need to uncomment it in the config file. It’s compatible with a lot of different players out of the box.

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I’ve used my tech powers to necro this old thing from the grave…


She’s nothing fancy but she gets it done. :slightly_smiling_face:


I always wanted to build a PC out of my old Octane Workstation, but form factor and other things discouraged me to this day. Maybe I’ll get it from the basement and do it one day. But very nice wallpaper, SGI was awesome. :slight_smile: But I’m glad I don’t have to deal with Motif and CDE anymore, modern Linux is so much better.

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That would’ve been awesome! You’d have to fill it with something worthy though. Like a 64-core EPYC. :sunglasses:

Done setting up the new “laptop,” so of course obligatory Neofetch.


I’d imagine the chassis would require modification, seems like a shame to damage it if the system is still in working order.

Motif isn’t quite dead yet, and neither is CDE.

There’s also at least a few CDE themes for Fvwm, chief among which (as far as I am aware anyway) being NsCDE.

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I wanna play along too!

No wallpaper here - I never see it, so it’s just stock Arch one. As for the terminal emulator… Terminator is clunky, but it works for me. Tabby lags as hell, and Kitty refuses to run (nVidia thing?)