Post Your Login Screen

I've just spent the past hour creating a custom login screen I was wondering if anybody else has a custom login screen so I thought I'd create this thread for you guys to show of your login screens.

Here's mine I like minimalism and simplicity and wanted my login screen to be simple.

As a peasant Windows user, I can't take a lockscreen screenshot.

First thing I do when setting my PC up is change the soft GUI option and just use CLI for my login screen Lol

:), I don't even use login screen :(. Since I am the only user here, I use auto login from the getgo, so, I don't even know how it looks (it is available for change, and i think it is dynamic pictures login screen = Linux Mint).

My computer is always on.......and always watching.

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Mine is the login for tty1, no display manager to speak of.

I would use auto-login but my home dir is encrypted and it would defeat the point of encrypting my files if you could poweron my laptop and have automatic access :) also using mint.

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I'm guessing that's SLiM?

mine's pretty much same.

Not to get off topic but keep in mind if you use your computer for anything and have it save passowds or important documents anyone who comes into your house invited or not will have access to that.

My drive is encrypted so when I start up my machine it prompts for the encryption passphrase.

My user password is set to login automatically and is pretty basic.

auto login... UEFI master password set to ask on boot and drive encryption with true crypt askes for pass word.... then LVM encrypted drive asks for it.. so yeah complicated :D haha

I just do LVM....haha

Well, that is true, bit it is also true that no one except me decides who comes into my home ;). i choose friends don't worry, and i have unlimited trust in those who can enter, and to be even more frank, some (or even most) of my friends do already know majority of my passwords, and i know theirs :).


Willdrick nailed it.
a dm is just another process open that you interface with for 2 seconds but persists eating resources the entire time.

setup .xinit in home and just login in the tty and type startx, ez pz
if you're so inclined you can also just setup auto login (still using tty) and skip the login steps all together.

As doorlocks and fences, passwords are for friends. Just set up a guest account and keep your personal account passworded and with autologin. If you invite somebody to come over, let them use the guest session. It's just a precaution and a security enhancement.

Better yet, startx automatically.

Place this in your .bash_profile for bash, .zlogin or .zprofile for zsh or whatever your shell's login script is.

[[ -z $DISPLAY && $XDG_VTNR -eq 1 ]] && exec startx

For ArchLinux anyway. Source

By the way, if you login on another tty, you'll be dropped to a shell and startx won't be ran.

If that is the case, I would suggest you to change the friends rather then passwords :).

This is a screenshot thread.... Yours doesn't count :)