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Mostly self taught with an AS in Computer information Management. 4 certs all from reading books.
Work as a massively underpaid IT Manager in Orange County.


I run software deployment lines for my job. Used to assemble workstations/servers. Grew out of building and would like to tinker more with the software.

Which is great because it's exactly what I do now. Building huge raid arrays is my favorite. LSI cards and mostly onboard soft raids.

Currently all self taught with no certs or degrees. Best place to start would be A+.


Dabbler all my life. Started with basic. No longer interested in coding except maybe visual aspects. Somewhere beyond the average person and not a sys admin. Still hard core about triple redundancy at the very least :) Mostly still on the front lines cleaning crap off of peoples pc's :( Build some from time to time. I do not even know what i know after all this time and find it surprising that every once in while i already have a grasp of a concept here and there.


Oh my. Just two other people so far with a master's in computer science? However, even though I code like Beethoven the rest of my brain is just pure garbage and I'm a social train-wreck. I can do one thing really well, everything else I'm a loser at :)


Computer labs, maybe it departments,ect...... I picked a fight over tech with banks it lady, now we date after she showed me the errors of my ways. :) Really nice to have something to talk about.


self-taught computer build, repair, and programming; professional software engineer.

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I graduated with my AS in computer science in 2001, and hated working in the field. Now Iā€™m a heavy equipment operator making a hell of a lot more, and loving what I do.


Iā€™m a level 3 assembly technician. ;D