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Post Your IT level


IT, woo woo bitches. Although, a good majority of what I have done is self taught. Training only gives you the tools, you still need to learn how to use them.


I agree 150% but its a rough generalization without having to add allot more categories.


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A+ cert'd (<- for giggles) currently in school aiming to do computer science, not anywhere on that scale :<


You are professional IT

The training part means certs even though A+ is pretty low on the totem pole from what the cert guys tell me.


Oh My Gosh!
All this time I thought I was the dumbest one here!


Well I recently landed a job building PCs at AVADirect, so there's that.


meh I'm a psychology/social work student, currently working as a repairmen for phones, laptops, tablets, ect. no formal training though. My job literally just started asking me to do these things too and it sort of stuck I work about 10% of the hours now and handle about 40% of the workload I feel like I need something a bit more challenging tbh.


Man, CompTia can be cancer sometimes with their exams. I'm Sec+ certified but I did do A+ at one point. Those questions are so stupid. lol


In terms of certifications and qualifications, I am sub-CompTIA A+ at the moment, which is like, bog-standard I'm-not-a-total-moron certification relative to others...

I need to get certs...


Once I finish college I'm gonna hit CCNA R&S and then just wait for whatever is asked of me. Getting certs is a pain and it's like a month of studying.


Electronics and datacommunications (now called ICT) + electricity and energy techs in vocational school.


I have taken a diploma in Information communication techonology (mainly windows server stuff) And I am curently working towards a bachelor's degree in computer secuirty/Digital forencis


CS undergrad - Soft Eng current


I went ahead and picked "Professional IT", I'm an InfoSec Analyst in government, but my Bachelor's degree is in Literature. :)


Self Taught Computer repair and Programmer ! But I will get Certs and hopefully go to school. At the moment I do work in IT supporting an ERP software and developing software for practical use, some AD and Networking involved as well.


Wendell can safely select all!


no multiple choice? got bs in computer science and hardware... even though I learned more by self teaching than I ever learned in school


shit whoops I don't have a PhD.. I do in fact have fat fingers and a small phone


Ehh, so Level 1 of course!