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Post Your IT level

  • Computer Repair (Self Taught)
  • Self Taught Programmer
  • Professional IT (Gone Through Training or AA degree)
  • Professional Programmer(Programming school or Certs)
  • Software Engineer(BS in Computer Science or Software Engineering)
  • Hardware Engineer(BS in Computer Engineering or EE)
  • Computer Science Researcher(Masters)
  • Computer Hardware(Masters)
  • Computer Software(Masters)
  • Computer Science Researcher(PHD)
  • Computer Hardware(PHD)
  • Computer Software(PHD)


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I forgot to add MIS IT so if your doing like a 4 year IT just vote for the Professional IT.


What about A Levels? :(


Like Certs?


No Batchelor of Science, am disappoint.

edit, I see it now.


None of this describes what I do lol.


There's not really an equivalent.


This is a rough system so try your best, Professional IT is pretty much anybody I imagine that has some unique path that is not a full BS degree or greater but with education still involved.


What do you do?


I'll have to come up with a name.... Hardware modernization? Take old shit make it do modern stuff. I'm almost thinking of making a GNU\Hurd OS to see if that would help, just that different structure.

I used to make rootkits so I put self taught programmer :P but that was also for HW Modernization. Making computers that "don't allow hyperthreading" and turn it on anyways. Turn on boost clocks that won't want to activate. Now I'm going to start writing EFI's...

Add "Hacker" to the list. Hardware Hacker or something. Thats a good definition.


If I could edit I would call you advanced self taught Programmer.

Although its more focused on the job you do so you might also fit in the software engineering category.


Well its not just programming but also delving into how the hardware works. My recent project is the Mac Pro 1,1 I have and I'm going to add to all of this that I have dug up and make some stuff to inject the modded EFI I need for my MP to run El Capitan.

Programming yes, but reverse engineering, digging into the hardware design, all of it.


When I list hardware I mean designing the hardware like on a FPGA board. The whole point of software engineering is learning how to make a piece of hardware go fast.


"high school"


By age, ye.


Well its the same as leaving certificate here, so not quite university/college level.


I would consider that on the level of either professional programmer or self taught.


Engineer is more of a vocation than an academic title.

I engineer control systems and life safety equipment, write software, configure applications, troubleshoot faults, write literature and provide customer support.

I have little formal education in my specific field of work.
Accolades speak little to potential. Don't choose a profession, be professional at what you do.


I really like what you said, is it OK if I use it? :)

On topic: Currently I am doing a master's focused on designing and administering computer networks (the curriculum is mainly CISCO and Microsoft courses). So I am not sure which option to chose.


Never managed to hit level 80. Put i keep on farming those experience points till i am there! my bots keep getting banned :( but probably my own fault for using second hand ones and not taking the time to make them myself, but then again its just a game right?