Post your FireWorks! [Bandwidth Warning]

It's the 4th of july, that means a lot of fireworks in the sky in America

Post your 2015 Pictures!

I can't have fireworks here in Australia :(
I wasn't even close to being the best on the block.

Editing done. I took too many but I got a lot of cool shots! Exporting now

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Lol we only had time to watch the fireworks show our neighborhood puts on (spectacular but no pics, sorry) and then it started raining. We're gonna light our personal ones off tomorrow night if it's not rainy down here in Alabama, y'all.

Uploading to a DA gallery now...
There's 30 pictures.
Here's a peak

Wasn't able to capture any in the sky but here's a look at our setup

Uploading is taking forever.




Taken on a rainy Labour Day.

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woah, forgot about this thread, glad to see a bump