Post your favorite cooking staples and condiments!

Post and discuss your favorite or unusual cooking staples and condiments! All preferences and cuisines welcome. I'll Start:

Name a More Iconic Duo. I'll Wait.


A1 steak sauce.


Salt and Pepper


What is that?
I am talking about both the topic and the picture...
My english is not good enough and i don't understand the thread...

just post and discuss the things you like to cook with.

The condiments in the picture are 된장 (left, pronounced Doenjang: literally thick sauce) and 고추장 (right, pronounced Gochujang: or red chili paste.)

They're used as toppings and ingredients in korean cuisine

Oh boy....

Alright, from right to left...
Cinnamon, cumin (don't laugh), black pepper, curry, turmeric, nutmeg, grounded red peppers, dill, basil, spearmint, thyme, parsley, savory and some reserves...
I'm mixing and matching as i go...


That's the Joke


It is good tho.


bruh even that meme disagrees:

I have a deep seated suspicion of people who cook without enough capsaicin or piperadine...

Granny is holding the good stuff!!


The issue with that is, i don't eat spicy hot food. I mean i just can't. My tongue doesn't react well to it... So i avoid it.
I forgot to mention i have a bottle of soy sauce next to the box of spices. Still haven't figured out what is the proper use and where i should not use soy sauce. It seems to work with everything.
I try to avoid those pre-made spices and sauces and stuff. I like to marinate and do those kind of stuff myself.


Here are some of my other regular ingredients:

Cooking wine. Trying a new brand:

The only vegetable-based fats you should ever let into your kitchen:

Components for my home-made hot oil. [Secret ingredient(s) omitted]

My most commonly used starches:

Looks like you eat only one type of food.

Well, the cooking wine is quite an often used ingredient in Asian cuisine. It's like the noodles. They are used to prepare like 17 billion different dishes.

Well, If you're cooking on a budget, it's easier and cheaper to gear up for one type than try to vary your diet along cuisine lines vs. different content within a cuisine.

I'll occasionally hit zero on ingredients in line with my next shopping day, and buy the requisite stuff for something different, otherwise I stick to what I know/grew up with.

Rather than continuing to be a smartass, my cooking paperclips:

  • Rotating selection of spices, herbs, salts, peppers
  • Soy sauce, rice vinegar, red wine vinegar, mustard(s)
  • Olive oil and Canola oil
  • Hot sauce(s)
  • Jasmine Rice and some sorta pasta

Everybody needs to try Herbes Salées at some point in their lives. Canadian culinary magic.


AKA Rape Apologist oil


I tend to cook hunter dishes outside of my regular Korean fare. Maltese Stew, Deer soups, Rabbit and the like.

Herbes Salées has been added to the experiments to do list though, looks good.

Oh, and I forgot:

Wild picked Bolete Mushrooms from my sister, from back home

The flavor of wild caught mountain fungi is so much better than the stuff you get at the store or even the farmers market. if you ever get a chance to pick some up, take it.

(No, i'm not afraid of dying/tripping, she's a mycologist)

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