Post your Favorite Android Games

So I have been looking for some good games to use as standby time-killers on my phone, but the Google Play store is bloated with shitty games and apps so it is hard to find decent games. I'm also new to Android, so I really don't know whats out there? The phone I have is an HTC One X (yes I know HTC Sense blows but I can't successfully root/flash it). 

One of my absolute favourite right now.

Also this is a huge time sink right now but you really need to get the addon packs, they are cheap enough so no too bad.

Fun racing game but just ignore the IAP it is not needed to play

Reverse tower defense game that is really fun. 

Enjoy I have many more if you want some more ideas.

Thanks! These all look like quality games. Feel free to post more (:

If you have a DualShock 3 controller get this and see if you are good to go.

It is completely configurable, it takes time to set up but it completely worth it. 

This if you're feeling a bit Misanthropic, reminds me a bit of Defcon

Trueskate is by far my favorite I have spent at least 20 hours playing it.

Dungeon Highway:

It's the only actual android game I play on my phone regularly. And I like how it updates really frequently.

Free dungeon crawler, but the best thing is the permissions required...None :D

The Room, and The Room 2. 

Great puzzle games. Very nice detail and graphics. You will need a beefy phone for them, though.

I've played Blockheads a bit too much lately, it's like a 2D version of minecraft although it has more features on iOS for some reason...

an all time favorit is sudoku...


Smash Bros. with a DualShock 3 controller is pretty sweet on my nexus 7. Really I prefer any first party Nintendo game on my tablet. Classic Zeldas, Mariokart 64, the Game and Watch Galleries, ect.

Back playing some simple Canabalt. Simple but irritating. 


And the ever fun Carmageddon! I love being able to just Play carma on the go and the port is fantastic. Works fantastic with the DS3 controller. rocking some serious carnage. 

Carma Demo:

Carmageddon Full:

Also been enjoying Smash Hit. Simple time waster but it looks really nice and has some reaction fun with judging distance and speed. It has IAPs but they are only if you want to play a continuous game and not restart from the start every time. I like trying to beat my records so I am happy with the free version and no ads in the free one which is nice.

Smash Hit:


OH EDIT!: You gotta play the Kavinsky game. It is really well made and very fun, but right now it is short. I have been super into his music at the moment and found he has a game to go along with it. Great stylised 80's feel and fun arcade play. If you like Streets of Rage, Outrun and Augmented Reality Street Fighter car smashing bonus rounds this is right up you street. 


This is also some good quick fire fun. Trapped in a dark cave you have to fight off the monsters and not shoot your friends. Quick fire and pretty fun. 

Hopeless: The Dark Cave:

Of the few mobile games I play on my phone, the two I can recommend are Knights of Pen & Paper and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery


I'm a cheapskate, so all of these games are free :P

Pixel Dungeon

I have spent so many hours on this game. It kinda ruled my life for a while >_>

The best part is it's free to download, has no ads, no in-app purchases, and never bugs or spams you about anything.


Jetpack Joyride

Arcade game that's fun for casual play. Has in-app purchases, but they're optional. Also has some ads, but they're not intrusive.


Dream of Pixels

I'd describe this game as negative tetris. Except it's actually easy and fun to play on a touchscreen.



Fun action RPG. Controls are pretty good, has great graphics, runs well on my phone (HTC One). Also ad-free which is always a huge plus.



Fun factor aside, this game is just pretty to look at :) The lighting and parallax effects are very well done.