Post Your Dwellings in The Forest!

Can't save it so i figured i would share it :) This game is fun and I hope the Dev's come through on all the features. The one thing that blows me away in this game is the sound I caught myself twice checking through the blinds to see if it was raining out. Great thunder sounds. I love the cutting animations as well. After I wrecked a bunch of cannibals and dodged the constant game crashing after a hour I was able to go to town on this dwelling. On the left side is the cabin 80 logs later lol! 





Is that Rust? I refuse to play it (even though DUPED into buying early access) until it is out of Alpha. 

I prefer this

No its 'The Forest' Early Access Game on steam.

Man, you lived a long time haha. I barely got anything up.

my problem is I ca never find food.  Starved to death 7 times... Am i missing something

make a fire and cook a rabbit or lizard. if you dont see them running around dont setup camp find animals then make a camp. also if you get a spear that spawns by the water and ponds you can spear fish but i dont think you can eat them yet? They never make it to my inventory.

I think I stayed alive for 2-3 hours. After you kill a bunch of the tribe they stop coming around so you can basically farm trees all night and day. Good tip leave the crash site asap and find animals nearby water and lots of trees to setup camp. I love the beach spawns with the boat its got some good loot.

tree house trap