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Small, niche contribution here:

I recently found myself in the strange situation of needing to backup a FreeNAS box to a Thunderbolt RAID attached to a Mac Mini.

Needless to say, macOS did not play nice with the built-in FreeNAS rsync scheduler.

Here’s the gist of my script that rsyncs the most recent FreeNAS snapshot to the macOS backup target:


Spending tonight learning about GraphQL integration with MongoDB.

Tomorrow’s going to be all about CASL.

Working on building a custom collaboration portal for one of the organizations I volunteer with. Planning on releasing it under LGPL when it becomes something I’m not ashamed of.

EDIT: It looks like GraphQL doesn’t support the authentication I need. I’m going to have to hold off on it until it’s fully-featured. Moving on to CASL tonight, once I get REST re-integrated.


I’m working on a budgeting application that my wife and I can use.
The backend is a web api using .net core with entity framwork core. The frontend is going to be html, css, and react.

So far, I have most of the backend done, but I’m learning how react works.


Does creating Fedora packaging scripts count as coding? if so:
Just trying to get some ElementaryOS programs packaged for Fedora and CentOS.


Made this thing for a friend as a practice project of sorts:

It´s a management software of sorts mostly tailored towards animes and mangas specifically (because that one friend had a million chrome bookmarks with mangas and lost track what he read and what he didn´t and what episode of Naruto or whatever he was at).

It can also import some amount of information from a rest-API from, but you need an account there and set it in my super crappy settings UI (btw it won´t check the account settings even though that would be totally possible to do… it will just not find anything if your account data is wrong rather than complain about it, have to change that sometime, but it´s ok´ish if you know it´s not there cause you didn´t make that and you only have one person to explain it to). The search is also “meh”, since the API will return results for say “Death Parade”, but won´t return anything for "Death Parade " (with a space at the end). Don´t really know how to deal with that tbh… Not because of that specific example, ofc i can remove the space. But in general I don´t know what the API finds and what not, cause it´s just a Black Box to me I feed stuff into and hopefully get something back and i don´t know when it´s gonna give me things back. Kinda annoying their online search works perfectly, but their API search sometimes behaves super awkward.

CSV as a save file is kinda not the best i´d say, but it was simple and I did that because I didn´t know if i was gonna make it usable and wanted the file to be useful in excel, should I abandon it. UI is far from perfect, but I don´t entirely hate it at this point. However, it might not actually be legal, cause I have not checked if I’m allowed to use the icons I did (at least not all of them) and I didn´t bother making a proper credits view either, so no way to even credit the once that would be legal provided I do that. Not much of a graphic designer really. But I did manage to edit that no-image-image, with a probably copyrighted image as a base… xD

Basically, it´s not really done and might never be, you can have the source if you want it, but it´s not uploaded anywhere yet. Some of it is messy cause it´s my first attempt to do a JavaFX program of “that scale”. Really only did small baby programs for school before. This is huge in comparison to that already.


For BS thesis project decided to make a 2D game engine from scratch in pure C. Procrastinated on it forever and now need to actually start coding it. Here’s some progress:

(Click the arrow in top right corner)

I am using SDL2 for the plat stuff, even though before that I was simply using Xlib. But since I want to port it to windows and android in the future, I decided not to rewrite the boring parts and use a proper lib.

In plans is to have swappable renderers as so/dll, GL3.3+, GLES2+ support. Also the game should be an so/dll for the engine too I think.

Much later in the future (probably after the thesis) I’d also like to get Vulkan supported as well as add network capabilities. Depending on time I’ll have I’ll see what I can do with threading it as much as possible. The current idea for that is job/task system. Where you can spawn jobs/tasks to do something in parallel. For example, you can update multiple quadtree areas in parallel since they shouldn’t interact anyways (I think lol).

“More edits?” Sighs

I used to have very simple naive 3D OpenGL renderer written in C++11, but I dislike C++ so I am rewriting it from scratch in C11. Might as well show here what I had: