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Set in the year 2032, Oni is a third person 3D action adventure with weapons and hand-to-hand combat featuring Konoko, a highly skilled agent working for the Technological Crimes Task Force (TCTF)

Oni is a forgotten gem in the rough. Much like KOTOR 2, it was not finished but what was delivered is fun and with fan updates its pretty close to complete. Wish they would take another crack at it.
Would love to see this game ported into overgrowth, or at least have Konoko put in, as I think the hand to hand in that game is what ONI is all about.

There are some fans that have updated the visuals and patched in missing content:

More info can be found here:

A brief overview of ONI and its unrealized sequel


These games were my childhood but mostly Rhapsody.


This game is MechWarrior on wheels meets Mad Max, starring Starsky & Hutch with a James Brown soundtrack. The game is you are Groove Champion and the head of the Mafia killed your sister and you get her Dodge Challeger. When you kill other cars you can steal their car parts to make your car better. You have 2 friends. Skeeter is your redneck mechanic and Taurus is a bad ass black dude who drives a Lincoln and reads poetry. Eventually it leads to a boss fight against Malocchio (evil eye) who drives a Corvette.

It was the first online multiplayer game I got addicted to. Over AOL dial-up. The game came out in 1997 and I still listen to the funky soundtrack all the time. Last year I found my old CD and I spent a few hours working with Glide wrappers and what not to make it run on Windows 10. The game play was still epic but the 640 x 480 barren graphics was not.

This game needs a reboot. Don't change the gameplay, story, dialogue, soundtrack and even leave the cars with old low-polygon graphics. They only need to update the scenery. I have written Activision many times (I just tweeted at them this time).


This game and it's music. Seriously you can never fault Square for their music. Dayum...

goes to lie down
tries not to cry
cries in spanish a lot


Well, I was just going to put Quest For Glory (Hero's Quest, for those of us with lawns to tell kids to get off of) in here, but my link to purchase is a bundle of Quest For Glory 1-5.

If you're looking for a great balance of game play, story, and Dad Jokes, look no further. The Quest for Glory series will have you slaughtering Cheetaurs, investigating brigand uprisings, and wondering if the bottle on the wizard's book shelf is filled with gin, or with djinn.

Why are these games nostalgic to me? Well, let's head back to the original Hero's Quest: So You Want To Be A Hero. This was an ooold EGA game where you navigated the screen, and then had to type in what you wanted to do. This game is responsible for my typing speed, no doubt about it. Granted, the game paused when you were typing in an action, but still I wanted to wait as little as possible to find out the result of my actions. So typing speed and accuracy went through the roof. The 7th grade was the first time I was tested on typing speed. Gotta have 30WPM with only 3 errors to pass. I topped out at 120WPM with 0 errors. Mind you, this game came out in 1989, and 7th grade was 1994 for me. But still, I wouldn't have been typing without this game.

Not a very good game play video, but it'll do for now. It's short, there's no combat. I basically get into town, and sign the Adventurer's Log.


Surprised no Might and Magic rpg series mentions yet (unless I missed them). Most of the series (i.e. IV - VIII) are really good. I spent hours playing these diverse open-world rpgs back in the day. M&M IX was New World Computing/3DO's last ditch effort to make something with a newfangled 3D engine before going bankrupt. It was pretty much a disaster. The rpg series went quiet for years until Ubisoft (bleh!) purchased the IP and finally released a M&M X. My favorites from the series are M&M IV + V (combined together to make "World of Xeen") and M&M VII: For Blood and Honor.

Box/manual art

Opening cinematic

One really cool feature of this game and many of the M&M rpgs was the choice between dark and light that you encounter midway through the story. In the case of M&M VII, choosing a side has ramifications in the game world and story and also changes the design/theme of the game's UI.

Dark side UI

Light side UI


One of my first games back on the SNES, played the hell out of it as a kid

maybe if i can get around to it ill dig it out and play it again at some point


Ah yes...For me Heroes III is the one that stands out. This was probably the first turn based game that I played.

I remember that in order to play the tutorial level you had to have the game manual because there was no instructions in game on the screen.
I replayed the game 3-4 years ago and for me it stood the test of time. Really great strategy game. One of the more interesting mechanic is the hidden Grail artifact. It requires some hard work but if found and delivered in a town you control it brings great benefits. The game is really rewarding in terms of exploration which is nice given the fact that the map is layered.

The feeling when you accumulate mass armies and lead them to great battles and eventually (hopefully) to victory ,at least for me, was great fun.

Bonus points: there are dragons in the game.


Yeah the heroes spin-off franchise was a great turn-based strategy game series as well. I played 1 through 5. HoMM3 has always been known as the crown jewel of the series. I felt like the newer versions under Ubisoft became more about the graphics and less about the actual gameplay and mechanics. Have you played the HD version of HoMM3 available on steam? It adds online multiplayer through steam cloud and widescreen friendly (up to 4k iirc) graphics. Its a must-have imo if you liked the original.


Excuse me?


lmao meant strategy game (turn-based) :D


I haven't playedt he HD release.If I remember correctly the HD included only the Restoration of Erathia and for the prize including the two expansions Armageddon's Blade and The Shadow of Death could have been nice. In terms of the graphics - widescreen support is ok thing to have. To be honest I would go to gog and buy the original game + the expansions there for less than what steam wants.


Yes this is true. The HD version does not include the expansions and I know that this annoyed a lot of folks. I think besides the HD graphics and proper widescreen support (without modding), the most important feature for me was the addition of online multiplayer support via Steam. Its great to be able to play an older game online with family/friends without having to set up something like tunngle and port-forwarding. I do have the original 'Complete' edition on discs and from GoG as well.

Side note: there is a map pack available on Steam workshop (iirc) that includes all of the expansions maps that have been converted for use with the HD version as well. You can play and edit these maps, but all the expansion content has been removed.


Another favorite of mine . ..

A string of amazing buzzwords: open-world, non-linear, isometric, skill-based, steampunk, rpg. With former Interplay dev staff like Tim Cain on board, this one was sure to become a classic. I spent way too long playing and replaying this one and mucking with the various community-created mods, including widescreen support, custom player/follower portraits and custom in-game items.

Intro cinematic

Another awesome feature of this game was its unique soundtrack, composed for the game and played almost entirely by a string quartet.



I like how it was said twice to please keep it to one game per post and yet here we are...


Diablo 2 + Lord of Destruction

Uhm....I don't think I have to talk about this game much.
Played tons of it in highschool and flunked a few tests because I had more fun playing via with friends instead of learning.

Aged incredibly bad graphics-wise. Gameplay-wise there were some big changes regarding the skills that came with patches (Boom sorc, fana/zeal pala, ww barb, etc).

Nice to see that Blizzard put some of the legendary weapons of this game into Diablo 3 as well (not as powerful, but still...put a smile on my face).


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How about you save yourself for once, Caine?


I played so much jetpack.... MANY hours...

You know there's a remake? (doesn't look very well done though...)


I have often considered remaking it.

Also, Keen 4 anyone?