Post your Christmas music!

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Christmas is more or less in arms reach now. So yeah... I start!

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Danish band Red Warszawa. They have a habit of handing out hash at concerts and the lead singer has pulled his pants down and pissed on stage numerous times. This song is called 'Santa's suicide letter'



Let's not forget this classic :


The most funny trash song I could think of about Christmas!

I can't find it but theres a song by The Beetles that literally has nothing to do with xmas but I only hear it this time o the year. It even sounds festive. I will post it when I find it.

I win


Obligatory Queen song

I hate how over-commercialized Christmas is. I believe in Jesus, not Santa. I do not celebrate Christmas or any other holidays just because Hallmark ads tell me I should, I only celebrate a persons birthday because that is a special day for that person only.

That said... My birthday is December 25 and I am registered at Newegg.


I posted this last year iirc . . .

Santa Claus is Coming - CKY
Silent Night - Chuck Billy (Testament) and others
Little Drummer Boy / Jingle Hell - Wargasm
Deck the Halls - Coffin Fuck
The Night Santa Went Crazy - Weird Al
Jingle Bells - Amon Amarth
No Presents for Christmas - King Diamond
The 12 Days of Christmas - CKY
Christmas with the Devil - Spinal Tap
Deck the Halls - Twisted Sister
Viking Christmas - Amon Amarth

Some funny ones I like