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Post your battle stations!



Is it… Vista?


Nope, 7 with Vista wallpaper. If it weren’t for the lack of Aero Snap, I’d still run Vista though.


Isn’t Vista EOL’d?


Microsoft would like it to be EoL, but some people aren’t having any of that and are manually applying Server2008 updates to their Vista install. That mostly seems to work just fine.
Server2008 will go EoL in January 2020, the same time Win7 does.

More on this:


that’s interesting. Never new you could do that lol


Is that a real katana?


No, it’s an ō-wakizashi. Katanas are too long to really be usable indoors. You want to cut up the burglar, not the hallway wall.

As for the “real” part, it’s a modern reproduction. If I can find a real antique one locally at a reasonable price I’d get it in a heartbeat, although in all fairness I’ve always been drawn more to double tantos for close combat. Much lighter to wield and IMO much more deadly due to how fast you can inflict multiple wounds.

Nice example :



How’s that keyboard working out for you? Just looked it up on their website and seems pretty cool for the price!


Real happy with it, I used to have a ducky shine mini, but found the 60% a bit too small so I got this one instead. Gotta love the cherry blues, even though it’s loud as hell.


New desk for new apartment :slight_smile:
I am thinking about getting a monitor and keyboard since i have the space now.


Bonus points for the Morning Potion. :wink:


Only thing missing is the mountain view behind the screen

(the view from afar)




Which laptop is it that you’ve got there?


dell precision m6800


My setup about 6 months ago.


Nice! Specs?


CPU: AMD Threadripper 1950x
Motherboard: Asus ROG Zenith Extreme
RAM: 128GB (8x 16GB) Corsair Vengence RGB
GPU: 2x EVGA Geforce 1080 Ti SC2 Hybrid
Case: Corsair 760T
Storage: 3x Samsung 960 (1 Pro, 2 EVO) + 6x Seagate 8TB
PSU: Corsair RM1000i
Display(s): 3x LG 34in Ultrawide
Cooling: Enermax TR4 360
Keyboard: Art Lebedev Optimus Maximus (10 years old and still kicking. Only 1 OLED screen has burn in issues)
Mouse: Logitech MX Anywhere 2
Operating System: Windwos 10 Pro

Which was replaced by this build a few weeks ago.