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Post your battle stations!



So I have made some upgrades! Starting with the less awesome: I got a 500GB SSD to replace the Linux drive in my desktop. Then I moved the old 240GB one to my laptop.

The more exciting upgrade is the Kraken 240mm. I was able to up my OC from 3.65 to 3.825. And It also dropped about 5 degrees Celsius. (I think it would be more if this case got decent airflow.)

So the current specs are:

CPU: r7 1700 @3.825
MoBo: Asus b350 prime plus
Cooler: Kraken 240mm
Ram: 16GB
GPU: Reference RX 480
Storage: 240GB SATA SSD, 500GB M.2 SSD, 1TB hdd.


No, there are other people at other parts of the building This is just the space we’re in.


I’m using the QC 35 II (I like the wireless aspect and to have to option to not hear anyone when i’m working on an issue) .
The corsair voids are good but as you said, are lacking in music, a lot of the people here like 'em


Black > white cables


nice, Personally I dont like the noise isolation because headphones with good normal noise isolation does the job well enough for me, but that’s just me, also forgot to say what headphones does Product manager 1 use, the ones on the corsair rgb stand? :stuck_out_tongue:


i dont have option of cables :confused: they are not standard , they are very thin lightening cables that come with stand , so i color them silver to match the bed steal frame which is steal gray that shines.


I always get shit for how messy my desk is on here, and not for no reason either it must be said. So today i spent all day cleaning and setting up my Ultra Tablet PC behind me so i can actually sue it at home now in its proper set up.


Another temporary workstation, this time at my new home office.
I got no main computer right now (sold my X58 system and i’m building a Ryzen 7 system), so i just hooked up my laptop to my screen, a powered hub to it and my peripherals.
No Model M for now, the laptop doesn’t have a PS2 port and i don’t have an adapter, so the Dell KM636 will have to do.


I love minimal setups, I think that looks badass man


Thanks man! Should look better when i finally finish it…


So! Since the last time I’ve posted here a lot has changed. I scraped a few plans, burned through a few workstations (A juicy Ryzen build included :frowning: RIP!!!), got my dream job, and started an amazing side project that is going to bring me closer to my dream’s dream job.

Primary Workstation

Anything I want to do, I can on this bad boy. Killer i7, GTX 1080, 144hz monitor, l337 RGB keyboard and mouse. It does it all. The MacBook Pro is used for development work when I’m on the go. I have another laptop that I use that has Ubuntu on it, but generally I use the Apple because of communication compatibility (Skype for Business, Ring Central, GoToMeeting, etc.).

My Side Bash (Get it? Like side bish? kek)

Debian strong (like Chevy), she is what I use for pure C, C++, and Unix shell programming. I have a special mount for my FreeBSD loads, but most of the time I’m trying to perfect my C skills, with a dab of Python now and then. To say I’ve done some Shell coding is a stretch, but I’ve done more than “Hello, Linux!” in Assembly :wink:

Desk Reference

No home office or computer lab would be complete without these beauties. First pic is my desk reference. When Google isn’t cutting it and StackOverflow is just full of douchebags (what else is new?), this is my go to. An immense amount of knowledge crammed into a few thousand pages. Decades of research and development. Seriously, I’ve not read many of the books above cover to cover, but the reference alone has been well worth the cost of admission.

The books on the top shelf are not only there as a reference but as a reminder. That is what I want to achieve. I want to contribute to the FreeBSD, Linux Kernel, and Gnome projects. Slowly but surely, I am catching up on all of the “I’ll never use this” nonsense I muttered in school.

The last pic is of my lab manuals. I write down a lot of things. Actually write them down, draw out ideas, mind maps, algorithms, formulas, functions, whatever. I review, cross things out, redline, and I re-review. THEN, I type up what I wrote and make sure it’s appropriate for what I need. Then, I code :sunglasses:

Not a foolproof formula, and it doesn’t prevent all bugs or mistakes. But damned if you don’t find out a lot about yourself, and become a better engineer by doing that. Use paper, Dell XPS or Yoga, iPad Pro, MS Surface, whatever you prefer. I had the paper laying around so I decided to put it to good use.


Sorry for the late response. I forget to login sometimes :wink:

Corsair HS50. Really good value. Will probably become defacto for new people :slight_smile:


Wow…I salute you sir for your drive, discipline, and ambition.

I hope you achieve your goals.


Updated battlestation


What’s the computer on the far left?


Grid laptop from the 80s, blazing fast 286! Bought it mainly for nostalgia


Oh heck yes, that’s awesome! Thanks for sharing in the thread!


+Hearted for kitty. You have a quality fur-baby


Hope this is still a thing :alien:


What LG is that?