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Post your battle stations!

Dude, I just browse the forum all day.

I mean, there is a certain skill ceiling of a disposable camera, so I don’t think your wife would be happy if you got her one of those.

I think all I can do to make this better is to add more monitors


Is that OSX or XFCE?

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Elementary OS


:open_mouth: Very nice

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Very nice setup, indeed.

Also, nice mug!

During working hours





Sick case! You got a link to it? and you have any temperature data you mind sharing? :slight_smile: I’m thinking of working on an sff for gaming and converting my current desktop to just production.

The case is a Velka 3.The next batch is in May. If you’re interest by my build, I’ve done a build log right here. I have a Ryzen 3600 and GTX 1660 Ti, and at idle they are at 38C and 34C and under load they reach 70C.


Oh that is superb. Thanks for the info! Also as a fellow man of culture, mad respect on the theme lol


The elmo pic is awesome

Wonder if i should post ma sh*t. got a decent setup

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Jesus, looking back at my old setup & comparing it to now, what a huge difference, in a good way, rocking the same mouse which is pretty awesome.

The only thing I can say about the ol’ setup is that it was nice having the benefits of 2 monitors, but not having the desk space for them, that kinda sucked! :joy:

But I do, without a doubt enjoy how much cleaner the setup looks with just 1 monitor, which is a big reason why I’m contemplating an 21:9 monitor…


Cleaned up a bit.

Finally got an 8in cable for the Apple trackpad so I can not have a stupid cable dangling around on the desk.

I found the trackpad is better for productivity stuff. Still have the g502 for games tho. :stuck_out_tongue:


Which case is that on the left side?

That’s actually not my case it’s a hard drive cage.

It’s okayish.

I’ve got 64tb raw in there, so I’d say it’s fair value.

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And no I did not buy the tacky MSI chair, it came with registering the monitor.
Logitech G513 linear, MX518, G25.
Drop HE-4XX, Drop HD 6XX through DACMagic 100 and Yamaha AX 590.


Dat radiator outside the chassis :joy:
Nice headphone hanger.
Are you from eastern Europe?

Seriously tho, you have very nice gear!

Got some oak shelf left over from building speaker stands.

No I’m from Sweden but my grandpa traveled a lot in his late years…

If placing a plank of wood on a coffee table counts as a desk then this is my desk

If it can’t be done from a couch it’s not worth doing :rofl:


My mess.