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Post your battle stations!



I really enjoyed the industrial design of Apple stuff from that era. That Apple Extended II keyboard with Alps switches was a real pleasure to type on.


yeah, i was more a fan of the captive spring design but they really were nice


got a new monitor


Asus pg348q


Moved some things and got a new mic and stand


A sentence I have said an annoying amount of times now but, my portable PC is finally finished.* Last part was sticker bombing its box. I do need to do a full write up, I started a long time ago with more ideas than parts or money and that topic is long since dead and buried. So I need to finally get into using for its intended purpose and show off the results.**




*there are still ideal upgrades but those are a luxury.
**time period not specified, assume never.

Edit: in its final form ready for battle.


dont mind me just upgrading the guest rigtoilet%20pc


Check out the plumbing on that bad boy


Should have set up the bowl to be a rez and did a custom loop


what do you think that corsair pump is hooked up to


Is that what you do all your shitposting on.


no its the guest rig.

this is my shitposting machine:



Well, if you have to take a Crapple you may aswell do it in hipster style.


i hope that’s a sand blasted aluminum crapper




Space Gray



Here’s my tower. Wasn’t able to get a good pic of the rest at the time, but I run an overclocked 3770k with an R9 390 and 290 in crossfire with 32 gigs of overclocked ram :slight_smile:


None of the colors really match but its sure a beast of a machine. First post, be gentle.


First post, be gentle.


Jokes aside -
Glad to see a fellow AMD user. Would be nice if you posted a spec list.


Welcome. Don’t worry, we use lubricant…


…do we tho?

@daisycutter is that a 2700x & wraith cooler?