Post your...audiostations?

I realize this forum is mainly aimed at PC audio, but even some of that equipment (especially tube amps) is pretty attractive. How about a post your audio set up, stereo equipment, record players, or PC amp/dac/heaphone combos similar to the post your battlestation in the other parts of this forum?

Sadly, I don't have anything to start off with as my Dual 1225 is currently non-functioning (and in a few pieces) and all I have is a Yamaha a/v receiver next to my TV at the moment.

It's a little of both my battle station and my audio station since I'm more of a software musician. I had to pull my soundcard out for the picture so that you can see it, but normally it hides under that shelf.

Seen here (from most relevant to the thread to least)
Yamaha HS-80m's 8" cones on Auralex vibration reducers
AudioTechnica AT2020 w/ deadcat AND gooseneck (because why not?)
Sennheiser HD280 pro cans
PreSonus AudioBox iOne (and just to the left of it in the same shelf is a broken NI Komplete Audio)
The small PC tweeters are Harmon/Kardon idea what model...I've had them for AGES
2x 27" AOC 1080p monitors on desk mounted arm.
Aula Mechanical Demon King keyboard (@JokerProductions thanks man :D )
Gila GX gaming mouse
Hatsune Miku TYPE 2020 figure (under right screen)
Hatsune Miku Mikuzukin figure(under left screen)
Racing Miku 2014 edition (left speaker)
Riobot Jehuty (right speaker)
Hatsune Miku Nendroid vr2 (obscured by the mic and pop filter)
--(in addition to the obscured figures is an Amiibo Samus and an Amiibo Squid-kid girl)
Grumpy Glaceon plushy (just to the left of the righthand speaker)
Sylveon plushy (peaking out to the left of the left speaker)
Funko Pop Hatsune Miku figure (kill this thing. It creeps me out, I hate it. But it was a gift to me for my birthday, so I can't just throw it away)
Wii U...

I obviously didn't name everything...but I think that about covers the most important stuff...I think I forgot to mention my web cam, but I almost never use it, it stays unplugged 90% of the time.

If you're curious, I use Mixcraft 6 for my music - yes, yes, yes, it's a toy of a software, but at the end of the day I'm making music, so who cares what software I used to achieve the end product?
Also present on the screens (even though you can't tell because my camera sucks) is Sony Vegas opened on the left screen, Chrome with TekSyndicate on the right, and minimized is foobar (but who cares?)
^more info than you ever wanted.


Mine's all hooked up to my PC. I'm running my AKG K702s from my Epiphany Acoustics EHP-O2Di (Slightly custom O2/ODAC). O2Di is hooked up to the line 1 of my Yamaha A-S501 using RCA. Line 2 on the Yamaha is hooked up to a Bayan StreamPort Universal, so I can play music from my phone and laptop. The Yamaha is powering a pair of Wharfdale 9.1 speakers. Planning on getting a smaller pair which can sit on my desk, as the 9.1s are on the floor.

Plastic storage box was cheaper than a table.

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