Post your AIDA64 Cache and Memory Benchmarks

This is a popular thing on just about every other tech forum, so may as well add it here.

Download for AIDA64:

This is a pretty simple little thing to do, on the main screen click Tools, then click 'Cache and Memory Benchmark' on the dropdown that appears. When it's done you can click save to export the results as a .PNG file.

Post that image up for all to see!

Here's my little laptop at it's worst performance:

AIDA64 is a paid software and as such has a trial system. During this period some results will not display, this is fine. You can still post a result from the trial version.

Here are mine... Now i just need to figure out where did those 5% overclock on the CPU came from... Also why the motherboard is recognizing the ram as 1866 instead of 2000...

Well, I got this, but some of the stuff is blocked like you mentioned

You can run the GPGPU bench next on just the CPU and it should show you the write and copy speeds there, if you are curious. But the DRAM latency and cache speeds are the important ones really.

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Work Computer

Main server

New results with dual-channel, still waiting on the newer CPU for the higher bandwidth test.